Liberation - Sore Muscle Rub

$39.00 per unit

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Product Description

A team of highly experienced herbalists grow, harvest, extract, and package this product themselves. It is the ultimate value-added local herbal product!

Since 1998 their clients report that Liberation Herbals Sore Muscle Rub has helped with acute inflammatory states such as sprains, recent sports injuries and overuse of muscles, as well as more long-term chronic pain such as fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, many types of arthritis, menstrual pain, and sciatica. Their expert extraction techniques fully transfer the medicinal constituents into the salve. As herbalists, they are aware that other medicinal plants work in perfect symbiosis with Cannabis, and together address pain better than Cannabis alone. Every aspect of this small scale ethical product is Island Grown using impeccable sustainability standards.

The Cannabis in Liberation Herbals Sore Muscle Rub is grown by a reputable supplier, without pesticides or fungicides and is laboratory tested for cannabinoid profile consistency.

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