The Compassion Subsidy program is 100% funded by Trees ~ Island Grown and provides access to medicine and personalized consultations for those with a medical need for cannabis.

We are committed to ensuring that we can provide safe access to cannabis medicine for those in need, and ensuring that our medical patients will have a voice as regulations move forward.

*At this time, this service is only available to residents of Vancouver Island.

Subsidy Information

Application Requirements :

  • Trees Membership, free of charge. Available at all Trees ~ Island Grown locations. One of our knowledgeable staff will provide an application. You will need 2 pieces of ID, (one government issued ID).
  • To be considered for the TCSP, a completed request must be submitted to the Compassion Subsidy Program and applicable documents.

Documents submitted with application:

  1. A medical note reflecting illness.
  2. A photo or scanned copy of a financial document reflecting a yearly income under $30,000 per year.
  3. A copy of government issued identification.


  • Only consumable products may be purchased with the TCSP grants.
  • If approved the products accessed and grants or discounts are strictly for the use of the approved member.
  • Trees Dispensary does not provide diagnoses.
  • You acknowledge that the consumption of the products carries no guarantee of health benefits and in some cases may be contraindicated.
  • Other parameters may apply, please contact the TCSP office directly.


Eligibility is determined on the basis of need, application date, and annual income, and does not mean a full subsidy grant will be awarded at the time of application. For information about grants or discounts please direct questions to the Trees Compassion Subsidy Office.